Memorial Day The Cannabis Way -

Memorial Day The Cannabis Way

Lynne Robinson / 4 hours ago


It’s almost Memorial Day and Summer is finally in the air!

Time to get into the spirit of the holiday and remember and honor those who died in active military service. While we dedicate the last Monday in May to our fallen soldiers, the weekend before the holiday in the United States, has become an annual dedication to their memories by celebrating all things summer time!

We dig out the camping and hiking gear from storage, fire up our barbecue grills, and enjoy the sunshine by any means possible.

This weekend  the roar of motorcycles passing through town on their way to the 37th annual Red River Memorial Motorcycle Rally is yet another reminder that summer has arrived, even if there’s fresh snow on our mountains!

If the noise and the influx of more people is proving too much too soon after a long winter spent in virtual hibernation, Southwest Wellness has you covered with everything you need to make your long weekend a lot less stressful and much more mellow.

If it seems like everyone you know is planning on throwing a backyard barbecue over the weekend, make yours unique by featuring Master Kush as a special side, on sale throughout the weekend for $75 a half oz!

If you plan to spend the day in the water on your kayak, canoe, inflatable dinosaur, or anything you can find that floats, just make sure to bring along some ice cold cannabis lemonade to keep you refreshed!

Or if breathing in the fresh air while enjoying the scenic mountain views on an afternoon hike through the Sangre de Cristos, is more your jam, don’t forget to bring along some lollipops to help you get higher than the summit! 60mg lollipops are on sale for $8.00.

Whether you’re traveling away from home, staying with family or have a house full of kids, making it a bit difficult for you to partake in your routine smoking rituals. Have no fear, $20.00 temporary vape pens are here! to accommodate all of your vaporizing needs for the holiday weekend, and beyond!

Plus half grams of Solventless Rosin (made inhouse), are $20.00. Reserva OG and Master Kush half gram cartridges are $30.00, and MCT Disposable Cartridges (made with coconut oil) are also on sale for $20.00 all weekend!

Southwest Wellness (located at  1023 Salazar Road in Taos), is the largest Medical Cannabis Grow in the state. They hold to the highest industry standards, ensuring that the medicine they cultivate is the very best.

As you can see from these shots taken on my iphone earlier this week, the plants are healthy and thriving in the state of the art greenhouses at Southwest Wellness’ headquarters in Taos.

Southwest Wellness will be running these fabulous specials all weekend: Saturday, Sunday and Monday!

If you are a New Mexico Medical Marijuana card holder, be sure to take advantage of these great prices and while you partake, do remember our fallen heroes along with the Veterans in our midst, and have a safe and happy holiday!

For more information on Southwest Wellness and all they offer and provide, please visit their site linked below this post.



Photos of greenhouse plants taken on my iphone, other images, stock files.